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The Carpathian Collection, handwoven rugs in wool on linen yarn, has one foot in the Scandinavian design tradition and the other in the Ukranian folklore just like the Vandra Rugs company.

Scandinavian style has a long history, traditionally marked by simplicity, bright whites, natural wood tones, folk style ornamentation, and color washed furnishings and trims. The patterns you find in traditional Scandinavian designs are typically simple, botanical illustrations in a symmetrical style. Hues of medium blues, bright reds, and pleasant greens, pinks, and yellows are common. Combined with Ukranian folklore influences they created the unique look and style of the Vandra Rugs Carpathian Collection.

Enriched by the wide range of weaving patterns and different colours of linen warp you will find in the Carpathian Collection both non-dyed greys, browns, off-white and blacks, just as the colours of the Carpathian sheep as well as a beautiful range of solid and melanged colors. Shop Carpathian

Vandra Cotton Collection is the origin of our company. Here you find the loved clean, crispy and fresh cotton rugs so typical for Swedish homes. The rugs are handwoven in the highest quality rag rug technique, using the many old patterns in new and varied ways. The materials used are cotton rags on linen yarn, offered in natural, white, dark brown and black. Most of the rugs are reversible. Shop Cotton


In our Designers Collection you will find spectacular rugs by designers Ami Katz, Eva Schildt, Maja Johansson Starander, Yuriy Zimenko and Lars Nilsson. They have all worked closely with us in developing their rugs, using the weaving knowledge of our atelier to bring to life their designs. To achieve this, they often combine different materials, colors and techniques in innovative and beautiful ways.

Ami Katz is partner at the Stockholm based architectural firm 3dO Architects. She worked as a guest professor at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm – Architectural department and has prior to working for Vandra Rugs designed both rug collections and bespoke rugs. 3dO works in a large spectrum of architecture, interior design and design and projects include hotels, private homes, kindergartens, restaurants and more.

Lars Nilsson is a fashion designer and fully integrated member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, who has worked with several major fashion houses including Christian Lacroix, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Nina Ricci and his own menswear line. He has recently collaborated with Svenskt Tenn on the fabrics and rug collection Capri, that was awarded ”Best New Textile Collection” by ELLE Decoration.

Eva Schildt has designed everything from furniture to textiles, packaging and trade fair showcases. She also works as an interior architect. Eva Schildt’s playful approach to everyday life and her warm personality are inherent in her designs, which are available in many countries. Eva Schildt is represented at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg.

Maja Johansson Starander has a master in woven textile from Royal Collage of Art, London. Maja moved to Sweden to work with Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg at Kasthall. Maja has since 2013 designed rugs and collections for Kasthall and world wide market in both tufted and woven qualities. She has worked in projects with designers and architect to create tailor-made solutions for the textile floors for spaces like restaurants, hotels, offices, fashion houses and their retail spaces. Since 2020 Maja is working from her own studio to further explore weaving and design.

Yuriy Zimenko is a renowned Kiev based interior designer, project architect and designer of custom objet. Founded over 15 years ago, the Design Studio Yuriy Zimenko has become synonymous with international standards, winning awards such as The International Property Award for Best Interior Design Apartment in 2015. Zimenko is also a sought-after jury member – most recently at the ELLE Decoration International Design Awards 2019.

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