Loro 2018 Yellow

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LORO 2018 Yellow is a rug woven in wool felt and wool yarn on linen warp.

To use the same pattern in different color ways is for Ami Katz a test to how good and well balanced a design is. The original LORO is colorful with full of contrast. The idea behind the original pattern was that one by mixing of materials to the rug’s geometric striped dark green and white base, and its’ circles of orange wool felt rya add elements of organic form via parts filled with green wool yarn boucle in an ad hoc manner. Since then several other colorways of LORO has been added.

In LORO 2018 Yellow the colors of the base and in the circles are closer, forming a softer look. We are many that appreciate a more quiet interior avoiding too much color or pattern. Ami Katz intention is in LORO 2018 Yellow to show that many colors combined can translate into calm. As always in her work Ami Katz starting point is a favorite color. Here a golden-greenish-beige is combined with shades of warm whites and greyish-beige. Thus Loro 2018 and the original LORO are two completely different rugs sharing the same basic pattern.

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