Frammento Turquoise

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Ami Katz the designer,  describes her work ”Fragments and drawings have always fascinated me. There is something appealing in what is unfinished. Therefore an embroidery that was started but not finished and an old half finished drawing became the starting point for the creation of the rug, FRAMMENTO. The insight of the extraordinary skills of the weaving atelier and the endless possibilities that these skills allow, further inspired me. In FRAMMENTO many layers work together. The warp changes colour from white, to natural, to brown creating a base of three blocks of stripes in various shades of white. The actual pattern also changes, beginning with a complete pattern in turquoise, green and brown on one side of the rug and gradually fading out the further to other side you look. The circular segments, adjusted into the different colour segments of the warp, are made up by distinct bouclé dots in the parts where the pattern is complete and more sketch-like, as if they were pencilled in, in the sketchier parts. The turquoise pattern, and the parts in between, co-vary with the circles and are alternately woven in wool felt rags and wool yarn to give the surfaces texture and colour variations. All of these factors contribute to enforcing the sketchy expression”.

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